Hand By His Side

According to my notes, this was a ten second exposure. The film is Vericolor 4111, which had been a thing on Ebay a while back. I bought a few boxes and figured it out. Basically, shoot it at 3iso with an 85B filter. The colors are still wonky, and that’s sort of the deal with it.

It was shot with a 4×5 box camera that I picked up in Scotts Bluff, Nebraska. I had no way to test it before shooting it, but I knew the shutter worked and that light of some kind got through (and there’s not much more to it than that, really).

The film is great fun, and it’s fairly easy to shoot once you get the hang of it (and if you’re okay with some major color shifts).

‘Hand By His Side’

Camera: Conley Senior 4×5 Box Camera (1900)
Film: Kodak Vericolor 4111; x-06/2004; 3iso
Ten second exposure.

Spiral Jetty, Utah


2 thoughts on “Hand By His Side

  1. Thanks for this. I picked up a whack of this film stock (4×5) on eBay recently, and it’s been puzzling me. The first negs I got back from The Darkroom came with a note from the lab tech: “Is this film supposed to look like this?”

    I’ll re-try using your recommendations.

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