A Heavy Hammer

A story from the Great Falls Tribune, December 8, 1913:

Three business places were entered and two safes were blown open and robbed in Windham and the safe in the third place was badly damaged but proved too hard for the yeggs who put in a busy time in that town early yesterday morning.

As a result of their depredations, the yeggs carried away cash and checks amounting to more than $650 and a valuable gold watch and chain and they did their work so successfully they left no clew to their identity.


There are evidences that cause those who investigated the cases at Windham yesterday to believe the first place to be entered there was a failure, from the cracksman’s viewpoint. There is a new store in the town and it appears this is the first entered by the yeggs.

They got into the store by breaking the window to the basement and going down through the basement and then into the business room where the safe is kept. They found in this building a heavy hammer which was used in the attack on the safe, the knob being broken off. But with the knob off they were not able to complete their work and so they gave up. But they did not surrender, so far as the town was concerned.

Taking the heavy hammer with them [the one that was found in the first building?] they proceeded to the store of Dunsmore & Lyons. Their work here was of the boldest class imaginable. Clambering up over the front door they broke the transom and then went through the opening into the store. The safe in this store yielded to their effort and quite handsomely, too. They found her a total of a little more than $430 in cash and checks, mostly checks. In fact there was but $175 in case.

McDonald’s saloon was the third place attacked, in the theory of the officers, and here they forced entrance through a rear door. The safe proved easy for them and also “fat.” They got $230, most of it in cash, with some checks and a valuable gold watch and chain in this place and then, apparently content with the night’s work, they made no more breaks in Windham.

‘A Heavy Hammer’

Camera: Argus C3 (1957)
Film: Tasma Mikrat 300 (x-1975); 6iso
Process: HC-110; 1+100; 60min

Windham, Montana


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