Days Beyond

The “Thompson News Items” column in the Moab newspaper was written by Virginia Gruver. Though the early 1960s, with the population dwindling, more and more of the news stories were about Virginia Gruver herself.

She writes about a trip to Grand Junction for a check-up – “Doctor said she’s getting along fine.” There are visitations, a surprise wedding shower that she planned, and a quick note about “the mother of Virginia Gruver” who is “under the weather with this stomach trouble going around.”

Sure, there are others who are mentioned, but hardly a week went by when the readers of the Times-Independent weren’t in the know about the happenings in the life of dear Virginia Gruver.

Virtually every word of the April 27, 1961 column was about her and her family’s doings. She was called upon by Mr. and Mrs. Dick Tomlinson on Monday, picked asparagus in Green River on Wednesday, her son visited Crawford on Friday, and Virginia threw a birthday party for her grand daughter, Ginger Shuey, on Saturday. Virginia cooked “a delicious supper.” On Sunday, her son stayed at her place overnight, but not before a big lion hunt.

Though I can’t find where she is buried, Virginia Gruver passed away in September 1978.

‘Days Beyond’

Camera: Argus C3 (c1957)
Film: Tasma Mikrat 300 (x-1975); 6iso
Process: Xtol; 1+2; 8min; 21C

Thompson Springs, Utah


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