While En Route

The Thompson Motel opened on September 1, 1948 – just in time for the travel boom that exploded through the 1950s. It was run by a Mrs. Dutos, who reported “a very good business” right from the start.

Though there was a school in Thompson, the motel was where you went to vote. In 1948, the train carrying President Harry Truman went through the town. A large crowd formed, but couldn’t see the president as his carriage went by. “Everyone was disappoint that the president was not visible,” read the report.

Now, the town is basically a ghost town. The motel is boarded up, the local grill is too. The only thing that keeps the town in anyone’s mind is its proximity to a few panels of pictographs.

We ate lunch at the small town park that’s still maintained by someone local – I love this kind of stuff. There were also directions and a map to local attractions, mostly natural or historical places. Again, I love this kind of stuff.

‘While En Route’

Camera: Mamiya m645J (1979)
Film: Kodak Ektachrome 64 (x-07/1989); 16ISO
Process: E-6

Thompson, Utah


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