In Search of the Others

From the diary of Lucena Parsons, 1850:

July 20. We found this morning that most of our cattle were gone. They left in search of grass as there is none here. The man that went to look for them returned about 10 o’clock with a part of them. A part of horsemen went in search of the others and some of us went to washing as we could not leave here today. About noon Capt. Footes company camp up. They all crossed [the South Fork of the Platte] safely over and camped with us. In the even the men came back having found all the cattle. Late in the ev we had some rain.

July 21. We again are pursuing our tedious journey. For the first three miles it was up hill then we came to a ridge. This extended to Ash hollow and when we came to it we found ourselves on the top of a high hill, precipices and deep ravines. In these ravines and on either side of the bluffs are trees growing in crevices, ash and red cedar. It is the most romantic place we have seen yet. The hollow is some three miles long when it widens as it nears the river. In it I found wild grapes, cherries, gooseberries, and peppermint herbs and good springs of water. Passed some six graves. Weather Fine.

‘In Search of the Others’

Camera: Ricoh KR-5 (1979)
Film: GAF Super Hypan; x-early 1970s; 50iso
Process: Xtol; Stock; 6.5mins

Ash Hollow, Nebraska


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