The Bordered Past

From the Lincoln Journal-Star, June 19, 1954:

A third candidate for the state senator from Scotts Bluff County, H.V. Anderson of Henry, filed nomination papers in the county clerk’s office here.

Anderson, a merchant, farmer and livestock feeder, said he had “no promises, no guarantees” to make when he was asked about his campaign plans. “I’ve never been in politics and if and when I go down to Lincoln, I’ll have to study things as they come up and do the best job I can,” he added.

Anderson says he favors a sales tax but only as a replacement measure for real estate tax relief.

The 64-year-old Anderson has been a resident of Henry since 1916. He was born in Furnas County. Anderson was a member of the Henry town board for 32 years and managed the North Platte Valley Poultry Marketing Association for 25 years.


Sadly, our H.V. Anderson didn’t make it out of the primaries. Perhaps the voters felt that his inexperience in politics was a detriment. At least he was willing to “study things as they come up.” That counts for something.

‘The Bordered Past’

Camera: Ricoh KR-5 (1979)
Film: Kodak Vision2 200T (5217); expired

Henry, Nebraska


2 thoughts on “The Bordered Past

    1. It really is. I kind of felt bad photographing it. It’s along a pretty busy road, and I got a lot of curious looks. Spent maybe a half hour there, mostly watching the swifts dart in and out. There were nests all along the roof of the walkway.

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