In Shrouded Ships

Last week I posted a couple of shots of an old eastern Washington school and the house in which its marm would live. This is from the same stop. The school marm’s house is on the right and the outhouse in on the left.

I believe that the outhouse was shared between all of the students and the teacher herself. I vaguely remember something about another outhouse being there, but I can’t remember.

The small box building in the middle is, I believe, part of the old cistern.

This was shot on a color stock made and/or rebranded by Foma, the makers of Fomapan. I have no information about it at all. I sincerely doubt that Foma actually made it. Maybe it’s Svema? Or Ferrania? It could just be rebranded Fuji. But hey, it looks okay.

Random Thought:
I’m willing to bet that if there was ever a movie made about the history of the Foma company, it would play out as a heist film. There’s just something that feels shady about them.

‘In Shrouded Ships’

Camera: Smena 8M
Film: Foma Equicolor Premium 100 (expired); 50iso

Puckett School Teacher’s House, Douglas County, Washington


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