There Remain a Few

When reading a brochure published by one of the realtors in Beach, North Dakota, I came across an unsettling passage:

“It’s no wonder that those who come to Beach usually stay.”

With a population hovering around 1,000, I’m not sure how this can be true – at least of its known and likely willing residents.

But where are the rest? Where are the visitors who have come to stay in Beach? Is this a Children of the Corn type of scenario? Or is it more akin to Black Spring, New York? Perhaps the realtor has some sort of government contract and this is America’s version of The Village? Is this North Dakota’s answer to Potter’s Bluff? Is this White Wood?

‘There Remain a Few’

Camera: Argus/Cosina STL1000 (c1970)
Film: Kodak Eastman 250T (5294); x-mid 1980s

Beach, North Dakota


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