Dreams Themselves Had Bodies

I know that it’s tempting to buy all the expired Svema film. But don’t. In the several batches that I’ve bought, only the 250 holds up over time. And you have to shoot it at 64, or even 32.

Any of the slower speed films that I’ve come across are gunked up with fogging and overtaken by huge boulders of grain. They’re basically worthless, so don’t bother.

I’m sure there are exceptions. Most of the stuff I had was from the mid-80s. Newer emulsions would certainly be better. And the stuff now sold as new is just fine. But when it comes to the well expired stuff, don’t bother.

‘Dreams Themselves Had Bodies’

Camera: Ansco Color Clipper (c1950)
Film: Svema 250 (x-10/1988)
Process: HC-110; 1+100; 60min

Arches National Park, Utah


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