That Glad Welcome

It’s weird how we’re supposed to be nice to Fuji even though they’re cancelling film like it’s a Bryan Fuller show. As if our kindness if the face of their disinterest in anything not Instax is going to make them reconsider axing film.

No. Explode in hell, Fuji. Explode in hell forever.

‘That Glad Welcome’

Camera: Bolsey Jubilee (1955)
Film: Fuji Color 200 (x-8/2010)

Near Valley City, North Dakota


One thought on “That Glad Welcome

  1. Have I said this recently? I can’t remember. I didn’t stock up on Acros because I never really got into it; better to let the photographers who love it do that. Also I can’t believe it went so fast! One day I’m looking and it’s listed on the sites, then I look again and it’s all gone! Hard to believe. And I thought we had until October…

    I guess I knew years ago that Fuji abandoned us, when they discontinued motion picture film the writing was on the wall. I’ll buy what I can afford to because I love their colors, but I’m not going to go to outrageous lengths to shoot Velvia and Superia for as long as possible. I’ll miss it, but when it’s gone I’d rather support businesses that still support me, like Kodak, Ilford, etc. Do I hate Fuji for making decisions based on money and stuff? Not really, I can’t say that they had anything personal against film photographers. I can’t say that I find their way of going about it very nice, and because they abandoned us, once the film’s gone I won’t support Fuji in any way. But is it personal for me? Not really.

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