Settled Its Dimensions

I accidentally stumbled onto the Mayville Grange Hall as we were wandering around Garfield County last month. According to a source: “The Mayview Grange Hall was organized on Jan. 14, 1903 and was one of the oldest farm organizations in the county. Many of the organization’s records have been lost, but it is remembered that Harve Beach, at one time Garfield County Treasurer, was Master and his brother, William Beach, was secretary.”

I also stumbled onto an old photo taken around 1920. I found this after visiting, but it’s nice that the old and forgotten photography and I have the same approach to photographing the front of a building: just take the picture and move on.

Notable difference is that he took his photo a few hours earlier than I did (as evidenced by the shadows). I like his better.

I don’t generally attempt before/after shots, but I like it when I do. Maybe I’ll try more of these sometime. It’s not something I actively plan or even remember about when I’m in the field. It would have to be like a mission!

Mayview Grange Hall, Mayview, Washington, circa 1920

‘Settled Its Dimensions’

Camera: Exakta Verex VX (c1951)
Lens: A.Schacht Ulm Travegon 35mm f/3.5
Film: Kodak Vision3 250D (5207)
Process: DIY ECN-2

Mayview, Garfield County, Washington


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