All Plundered

I woke up Saturday morning to rain, the calls of bullfrogs and to echoes of coyotes. This lake, apparently unnamed (and not appearing on maps), we had to ourselves. This happens with more frequency that you might think.

But this morning I wanted to test some limits of Arista Ortho Litho 3.0 – an emulsion that has troubled some due to its urgency towards contrast.

I shot it a couple of weekends prior under harsh sunlight to wonderful results. This morning, however, I wanted to try a long exposure.

Long exposures are almost mandatory when the film is 3iso. I was hoping to shoot at f/64, but the lens closed down to only f/32. No matter. After a quick meter reading, I settled upon 60 seconds (f/64 could have delivered me a two minute exposure).

I was curious about reciprocity failure and I don’t think 60 seconds was long enough for that to come into play.

At any rate, this is the result. The lens isn’t incredibly sharp, and it was breezy, so I wasn’t expecting a crisp image. I’m fine with this.

I enjoy the movement in the photo, the bottom right corner especially. The wind (it was more wind than breeze) was tossing the water and debris on its surface to the edge of the frame. The grasses are also in motion.

The grays have again come out. There was another photo taken the day before that leaned hard into contrast. It was underexposed, and that probably didn’t help. This is slightly over, I think, but the lens drops off long before its edges, so this might be as good as it can do.

I’m curious as to how this film will behave in better lenses, but also in an antique lens – an idea I’ve been batting around. With exposure times so long, there’s no need for a shutter. It’s a though and we’ll see if it happens.

‘All Plundered’

Camera: Crown Graphic 4×5 (1962)
Lens: Graphex Optar 90mm f/6.8; f/32, 60 sec.
Film: Arista Ortho Litho 3.0; 3iso
Process: HC-110; 1+200; 18mins

Unnamed Lake, Columbia National Wildlife Refuge, Washington


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