Laid Aside

I think this is the first roll of Kodak Direct Positive Panchromatic film I’ve shot this year. I absolutely love this film. The results tend to look a bit more contrasty and really remind me of ORWO UN54 (a motion picture stock that is a lot like Plus-X).

According to an old Kodak film book:

“This extremely fine grain panchromatic film is for making 35mm black-and-white transparencies directly from the camera exposure. The positive image is obtained by reversal processing; thus the intermediate negative is unnecessary. The film is suitable for producing 35mm slides from most general subject matter, as well as from photographs, ….”

The original ISO was 80, but I shoot it around 64iso due to the age. I’m surprised it doesn’t fall around 32, or even 20.

‘Laid Aside’

Camera: Exakta Verex VX (c1951)
Lens: Isco-Gottingen 50mm f/1.9
Film: Kodak DP Pan 5246 (x-7/77); 64iso
Process: HC-110; 1+200; 120mins

Along the Grand Ronde River, Asotin County, Washington


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