And Cannot Speak

The golden hour doesn’t seem last even that long. And you find yourself rushing around shooting everything you can and cursing that you didn’t bring an extra roll or sheet of color.

I mentioned before that I was having a bit of trouble with Kodak’s Vision3 (250D), and I think it might just be my own issue. Like most people who have been shooting film for a few years, I have a pretty okay idea of how to shoot most films without using a light meter. Yet, I keep doubting my own knowledge and trusting in my camera’s meter.

The Exakta Verex from 1951 doesn’t have a meter, of course. But I will (too often) meter through a camera that does. And I’ll trust it, even if I shouldn’t.

I’m breaking away from that. Obviously, I can’t toss out every meter that I have. I still use a Pentax Spotmeter for much of my large format stuff. But for 35mm, I really need to just go with what I know and bracket when I’m unsure.


‘And Cannot Speak’

Camera: Exakta Verex VX (c1951)
Lens: A.Schacht Ulm Travegon 35mm f/3.5
Film: Kodak Vision3 250D (5207)
Process: DIY ECN-2

Folsom Farm, Spokane County, Washington


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